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You won't find any nutritional information on our entrees for a number of reasons. First because our service is a meal kit service with you at the helm as the Chef that pulls it all together. As Chef you have a fair amount of control over what ultimately goes into your final cooked meal. We'll under season protein, but if you prefer we can skip seasoning all together and leave it completely to you. While we also provide you with the sauces already made, you are able to control how much sauce you ultimately use. 

The second reason is more philosophical. Chef Maria believe's the most nutritious meals are those that are made with fresh, wholesome, quality ingredients that are packed with nature's nutrients. She ascribes to a balanced approach that skips the calorie counting for healthy individuals and instead uses portion control with all meals portioned to 6 oz of protein, 4 oz of vegetables and 14 oz of potato or rice. Her entrees will typically range between 500 and 1000 calories per serving with fish entrees on the lower end and pastas on the upper end of the scale.